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The Endless September

Lets be honest. As much passion, grit, work and effort as we put into hunting, it’s still just a vacation. True we may want, work, lust and try our absolute […]

Into High Country

“Into High Country” a short film capturing the experience of a man hunting one of the most challenging big game animals in the world, the Mountain Goat. With a “Once […]


A Giants Life

Follow Dean Partridge and the CWTV team as they capture on film some of their most incredible hunts to date, including the spell binding hunt for a GIANT 230+ inch […]

A Grizzly Adventure

Follow Jason Peterson, host of “Hunting Canada and Beyond” on a dream hunt in Central British Columbia, Canada in search of one of the top predators in North America, Ursus […]



Elk hunting takes you to some of the most amazing locations in the world. Many times elk hunting is more about the experience than it is chasing the elk themselves. […]

Vapor Trailin’ Aoudad

As mountain hunters hailing from Idaho we have an addiction to hunting elk. However, we are also a hardcore staff of hunting consultants that pre-hunt new locations every year. Our […]


Duck Factory

The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Mt St Helens and the mighty Mississippi river
 are just a few of the incredible natural wonders that we Americans should be proud of. In […]

Primal Dreams

Brothers Gene and Barry Wensel of Iowa and Mike, Mark and David Mitten of Illinois have carried video cameras while hunting for many years. When they got together to produce […]

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