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Game of Inches

Film Overview Millions of people take to the woods in pursuit of whitetails each year in North America, but what is it that they are truly hunting for? In this […]

Smoke & Feathers

Film Overview In an increasingly complex world where people struggle to identify with their passions, Jim Guffey of Perry, Kansas is the exception. As a conservationist, an ecologist, a traditionalist, […]

The Road to Gredos

Film Overview As hunters we are constantly setting goals for ourselves. For some it’s harvesting an animal of a life time and for others it’s just finally finding some time […]

Into October

Film Overview From old growth timber to old growth sage brush. Just a month after a thrilling archery elk hunt (Endless September) filmmaker Bryan Huskey and Adam Haarberg head to […]

The Untamed

Film Overview The Untamed is a hunting film like no other. Whereas most hunting flicks take us on an adventure, and leave it at that, The Untamed is an adventure […]

The Last Chase

Film Overview “The Last Chase” is the story about a man and his hound dog in the mountains of Montana. Nine years of walking in the path of mountain lions […]


Film Overview The odds of drawing a Chugach archery Dall sheep tag aren’t great. The odds of harvesting a ram are worse. The mountains rise 5,000 feet from the valley […]

Chasing Cats

Film Overview Tyler was born and raised in Montana and has a huge passion for hunting adventure and wildlife. At an early age he felt the need to film these […]

3 To Close

Film Overview Each season brings excitement and challenges, but when an opportunity to take a trip happens with merely 3 days left in the season, you simply bypass all the […]

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