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Beyond the Layers

Film Overview Cole Kramer packs more adventure into a single fall than most could hope for in a lifetime. A series of uncommon life choices have made him a seasoned […]

The Crags

Film Overview Eastern Montana, the land of open spaces, deep craggy coulees and rolling grassy hills. Seemingly open yet easily capable of hiding the cagiest old bucks. With successful antelope […]

Barren Ground

Film Overview This short film showcases the extreme lengths that two Alaskan hunters will go to pursue the Barren Ground Caribou in terrain so rugged and lofty the caribou are […]

Our Ram

Film Overview Bighorn Sheep are one of the most highly sought after animals in the entire world. Getting the opportunity to hunt them is extremely rare. Getting to hunt them […]


Film Overview As parents, we invest a great deal of time and energy into the lives of our children – teaching, sharing, sacrificing, trying to shape them into the young […]

Poor Man’s Slam

Film Overview No matter your experience or skill level, hunting allows all outdoorsman an opportunity to set goals and push themselves to new levels. Poor Man’s Slam is a story […]


Film Overview Nebraska…just a flyover state filled with corn and cows right? Wrong! Nebraska is home to some of the nation’s best waterfowl hunting and one of the most unique […]

Highs and Lows

Film Overview Highs & Lows is the story of how bowhunting changed a young man’s life for the better. At a very young age, Kellen Binger was diagnosed with a […]

Lost Arrow Africa

Film Overview A traditional approach to exploring opportunities of sport in the scorching sun of the South African plains. Production Company Colorblind Media is a boutique production house focusing on […]


Film Overview “Axis takes place on the Island of Maui following a young man and his pursuit of Axis deer. Why pick this hunt to capture you may ask. Pretty […]

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