In Search Of Reverence – Pace Brother Productions

Film Overview

We embarked on the journey to make a film which could reach across the hunting divide, without truly knowing which direction it would take. We put ourselves in amazing places with great people and waited to see what fell out the other side. In a way the story wrote itself. We asked the most fundamental question of all. Who are you? What does it mean to be part of this world, and participate in nature in a modern society? Are we brave enough to embrace the consequences of our actions? We made the conscience decision to say a little as possible in this film. It would have been easy to narrate and impart our thoughts throughout, but we wanted people to find their own path. We hope you did.

Production Company

We started our film company back in late 2015, simply wanting to find a vehicle to tell the stories we felt were missing. To engage people not just from within our world of fishing and hunting, but kick open the door to everyone. More than that we wanted to educate, and much of the films we have completed have been short documentaries on different aspects of hunting, much of which is based in the U.K. We have however branched out with our own filming projects. A YouTube series called Into The Wilderness, as well and running a podcast interviewing great guests from around the globe on important topics of around conservation, hunting, fishing and land management. We chuck in a bit of adventure as well. Our ethos in film is always push ourselves to make the most captivating piece of cinema we possibly can at the time. The bar keeps moving, as it always should. We are never satisfied, but it keeps us hungry. It can always be better.