Droptines for Days

Film Overview

Chad and Lindsay Wilkinson, part of the team that produces Big Game Illustrated magazine, present their whitetail season deep in the forests of Northern Saskatchewan. The hunts begin in August, with the final piece completed in the last few days of the whitetail season, during the bitterly cold December at the northern extremes of the whitetail range. Follow the pair as they hunt two monster northern whitetails, both droptine monarchs and survivors of the north. Four years of history with a triple droptine giant, and hundreds of hours of hunting are packed into seven minutes of adventure film.

Production Company

Big Game Films is the newest venture of the Big Game Illustrated team. New feature films will be produced regularly to compliment the new digital magazine Big Game Online. The fields and forests of Western Canada are unmatched in terms of quality of Big Game across North America. The Big Game team have already logged 1000’s of hours of filming their adventures in past years and have some unbelievable footage of some epic hunts and world class animals. These journeys are now ready to be released, in the interest of promoting all the good things about hunting.