The Zone – Craig Temple

Film Overview

As construction and development continues to take over great whitetail properties in the Edmonton Bowzone, access to quality land is getting harder and harder to find. Not long ago, Craig Temple gained access to a new property that had all the makings to hold some great whitetails. Dedicating summer nights and trail cameras to finding a mature buck, Craig found exactly what he was looking for. A deer with more character than could be expected showed up on a mid-summer trailcam and Craig’s journey began in an effort to harvest a target deer, on camera, by himself. Follow along as Craig puts in the effort required to harvest a once-in-a-lifetime whitetail with his bow.

Production Company

Growing up in the Edmonton Bowzone, Craig Temple really began to take bowhunting and photography seriously in the last few years. With a passion to capture images of his adventures, he stepped into the arena of filming in 2015 in an attempt to capture stories rather than just moments. Craig is a perfectionist that believes in getting out what you put in when it comes to anything in life. Learning the challenges of self-filming has been nothing short of exciting for him as he travels to the corners of his home province pursuing all that there is to offer.