Mile Marker Zero

Film Overview

Brian and Mark Stephens are brothers that thrive on the outdoors and pushing themselves to try new adventures. Brian, Mark and oldest brother Ronnie Stephens grew up on a cattle ranch in Central Florida that made a mark on their lives. Being the outdoors was part of their lives on a daily basis. That is where they learned to hunt, fish and also come to love the ocean. “The ocean has become a part of who we are and defines us”.

Brian grew up hunting and fishing every second he could. That has not changed as an adult. He still chases big game across North America with his bow. Mark is a retired Army Special Operations Operator and combat diver. Since retiring he spearfishes around the world and has become a NAUI dive instructor.

While their lives have taken them on different paths, they come back to the ocean and Key West on time a year to spearfish and bowfish. These brothers are wired a little different and love to take on new challenges, the unknown, and are not afraid to fail. The ocean is that place they all have in common that provides these challenges of hunting fish above and below the water.

Mile Marker Zero is where these brothers unite to spearfish grouper, lionfish, hogfish and barracuda. Once they stow the spear guns, they go from 20-50 feet to 1,000 feet of water to bowfish Mahi Mahi and Triple Tail in the Gulf Stream. Year after year these brothers have to contend with changing weather that impact water clarity, currents, winds, etc. but does not slow them down. The love and respect of the ocean, challenges and rewards of spearfishing and bowfishing along with spending time with each other as brothers is what keeps them coming back year after year to hunt these fish.

Production Company

Peak 22 Marketing and Media along with a collective effort from Studio H Productions is a powerful duo when it comes to creating unique and engaging content. These teams possess a passion for capturing compelling stories across North America. “We strongly believe it is our responsibility as film makers to capture the story in a such a way that you feel you are right there with us and feed viewers passion to experience more in the outdoors”. Film Making, Professional Editing, Graphic / Motion Design, Creative Story Telling and Commercials are just a few areas of expertise by Peak 22 and Studio H productions.