Going All In

Film Overview

This film will show you what it takes to hunt with pack goats and give you an idea of how dedicated you will need to be to get them ready to haul out meat. Pack Goats are a different animal than people realize. They are very loving, loyal and hard working. Hunting with them in the back country is always full of adventure. Watch as Marc and his hunting buddies Willy Beebe and Ivan Enochsen take two great archery bulls out of the back country with the help of a pack goat string.

Production Company

Outdoors International Productions makes short films featuring the owners and staff of GotHunts.com. Marc Warnke is a co-owner of Outdoors International (GotHunts.com). As an owner of a hunting consulting firm he gets to hunt where ever he wants and call it work. It is his job to check out hunting operations before he sends his clients to an operation. Marc has bow hunted the world for over 25 years, but still most enjoys hunting his home state of Idaho. With his pack string of goats in tow, hunting with goats has completely changed why and how he hunts and is the next evolution in his hunting experience. Hunting with pack goats has to become a lifestyle to be done well and Marc has “gone all in.”