Chasing Ridgelines

Film Overview

Successful backcountry hunting is not always measured by the size of the rack. In Chasing Ridgelines, we explore the importance of connection to wild places and how those connections are an integral part of a successful hunt.

Chasing Ridgelines documents the process and lifestyle of two dedicated backcountry do-it-yourself big game hunters in Idaho. The film features brothers Brad and Kurtis Brooks, who spend the year, not just hunting season, plotting their big game adventures. As we follow the stories of these brothers and their connections to each other, to hunting and the land, we will uncover the value of unspoiled backcountry and why the places we hunt matter as much or more than the kill.

Production Company

We are lovers of wild country. We believe in the solitude of the hunt. We are passionate about hunting. These are the values that inspired the founding of Argali Outdoors, which was started by Brad Brooks and Jason Kauffman with a mission to connect people to the backcountry and conserve wild hunting experiences. Through authentic adventure stories, featured content and advice, we want to share our passion for hunting in wilderness landscapes and inspire others to find their own adventure.

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