Hunt of a Lifetime – Boise

The Hunting film tour did not disappoint at the SOLD OUT show here in Boise this week! What an incredible night to get the adrenaline pumping and the eager anticipation of fall jumping out at you from the big screen! So much of the richness seen in this year’s selection of films centers on the tradition of hunting and the joy of sharing the outdoors with those you love. At Hunt of a Lifetime we couldn’t agree more with this message, and as a result were thrilled to be supported by the HFT at this year’s Boise, Idaho stop. Hunt of a Lifetime is a nonprofit organization that takes children with diagnosed life threatening illness on their dream hunting or fishing trip. We believe that every child who has a heart for the outdoors should be given the opportunity to experience their dreams. We may never know the why, or the how, or the how much longer that these children will have to endure the health challenges they find themselves in, but with the support of the HFT, we get to give these children something to look forward to. The glory of God’s creation, the sound of an elk bugle, the colors of the aspens, the hope of a new tomorrow are the inspiration we aspire to provide for kids and their families that have battled for months, or even years, from a hospital bed. The words of one of our young hunters named Dylan still ring in my ears with his tearful goodbye at the end of our hunt. Dylan was initially scheduled to hunt with us and due to a relapse with Lymphoma, had to be postponed to the following year. He related that following his final stem cell transplant, and after being in isolation for over six weeks, “he had pretty much come to his lowest point, but it was Hunt of a Lifetime that gave him something to look forward to”. There is great power in the gift of hope, and from all of us at Hunt of a Lifetime we want our supporters to know that they are truly making a life a changing impact. We’re proud to be supported by a community of hunters and anglers that give so generously and care so deeply in sharing the outdoor traditions we all love. To see the direct impact that your donations will have on this year’s children, follow us on Facebook at Hunt Of A Lifetime -Boise, Idaho Chapter.
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We can’t begin to thank our many sponsors and donors enough for providing the great products and merchandise that generated so much excitement during the intermission of this year’s show. Thank you so much to the Hunting Film Tour and the way that you inspire us all to climb higher, breathe deeper, and cherish our hunting memories in vivid high definition!

With deepest gratitude,

Kyle Rajsich
Hunt of a Lifetime, Boise ID
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