Host a Show – Terms and Conditions

Once we have contacted you, discussed and approved your requested market, please review and submit the Terms & Conditions below.


    The Hunting Film Tour tours the continent with a hosted Hunting Film Tour (HFT) event schedule. HFT reserves the right for “first event” in those cities designated on the hosted tour schedule. Cities that are not on the hosted tour schedule are open to applications for Independent Promotion (IP) events. For an updated listing of the hosted HFT and IP schedule, visit our website at

    Cities that are included for the HFT hosted tour are available for IP events after the “first event” or hosted date scheduled for the tour is complete.

    All applications for the HFT Independent Promotion (IP) events must be completed and submitted in full before the location and date can be approved. Applications for all IP event requests will be processed on a first come first served basis.

    Theater booking confirmation and all payments and liabilities relating to the use of the theater, staging the event and local promotional activities are the responsibility of the IP event applicant.

    The licensing fee for an Independently Promoted HFT event is $500 (plus 5% GST). This includes custom printed posters, tickets, DVD show reels, event listing online on the HFT website eCommerce platform and event promotion via the HFT social media platforms. Once the event application is reviewed, approved and agreed to by each party the event is considered a firm booking and will be created and posted live to the HFT website. Should the Event registration be reviewed and declined for any reason we will refund your $500 (plus 5% GST) less a 5% administration fee. Once the event is agreed to, created and posted live to the HFT platform instructions on how to order promotional materials will be sent to the show host.

    Event must be executed within the calendar year that the current Hunting Film Tour is scheduled.

    Payment in full is due within 14 days after the scheduled event date. All collateral materials including the HFT program DVD must be returned to the Hunting Film Tour within 14 days following the last scheduled event. Applicants are strictly prohibited from making a replica or copy of the HFT DVD.