Gear Giveaway & Tour Sweepstakes

At the Hunting Film Tour we love to share our Sponsor Swag and give cool stuff away. After all, that’s what it’s all about… meeting cool people, making new friends and having fun! Want a chance at some free gear? It’s pretty easy to enter the giveaway:

It’s that simple. The winners will be drawn and announced on Facebook. I look forward to dropping some of you a line to let you know you should be expecting a package in the mail.

Gary Gillett


Amidst the chaos we always manage to have some super swank swag laying around the office… from Insoles to Glasses, Gaiters to Beanies, Bow Hooks to Binos and a never ending supply of T-shirts, Hoodies and Ball Caps.  On any given day you never know what we’ll pull out of the tickle trunk or out from underneath the desk. The only way to find out is to get your name in the hat for our sweet gear giveaways, so what are you waiting for, get typing some credentials in the form screen left! All thanks to the best partners in the Industry… Sitka Gear, Kenetrek, Vortex, Kill Cliff, Kimber, YETI Coolers, Federal Premium Ammunition, Boone & Crockett Club, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Dallas Safari Club, Wholesale Sports, North 40 Outfitters, Murdoch’s  Ranch and Home Supply and Upland Water Adventures.

Mountain Man Sweepstakes

The Mountain Man Sweepstakes are the Tour’s ultimate Grand Prize! Each one of our sponsors has provided a premium item that when rolled up make one heck of bundle of gear. There is only one way to enter, you have to come out and enjoy an evening WITH US at an HFT event! During the preshow seating and at intermission, we have sweepstakes cards everyone in the audience is invited to fill out and drop in the YETI’s on the corner of the stage. Not only are you entered to be drawn for the sweet giveaways during the show, but also for the Grand Prize draw at the end of the Tour!

The prize pack includes:

  • Kimber Mountain Ascent Rifle
  • Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Boots Gift Certificate
  • YETI Cooler
  • Vortex 10X42 Razor HD Binoculars
  • Sitka Gear
  • Boone & Crockett Club Membership
  • CDN$1000 Gift Certificate
  • Variety of Branded Hats, T’s and Hoodies